Hydraulic Sales and Service

Marine & Fishermen

Hydraulic Systems and Components for Marine Vessels

From small pleasure craft to large supply vessels B&N can supply your Marine requirements whether constructing a new vessel, refurbishing an older vessel or performing regular maintenance.

Many components of fuel systems including fuel lines, Racor fuel separators, connections, and fuel filters are available. Hydraulic systems can be custom designed to meet your requirements. Many hydraulic components for new construction or replacement of hydraulic haulers, hydraulic tank, control values, cylinders, pumps, hoses and fittings are available. Replacement oil, fuel and air filters for diesel engines are available. Pumps, piping, fittings and hoses for all circulating, wash down, bilge or any other fluid moving system can be handled.

B&N are capable of supplying hoses for hydraulic cranes or power steering systems with stainless steel fittings in both metric and standard threading.

Marine Vessels

  • Supply Vessels
  • Tug Boats
  • Transport Vessels
  • Fishing Vessels


  • Filters and Belts
  • Racor Fuel Separators
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Stainless Hose Ends
  • Stainless Fasteners and Bolts
  • Stainless Tubing
  • Stainless Fittings
  • Brass Fittings
  • Metric and Standard
  • Hoses
  • Marine Paint
  • Anodes